Seeing all the good local deals

In the last few months, and as recently as last week, I’ve been asked by multiple VC’s outside of the Twin Cities ‘you guys must see all the good deals there, right?’ and have heard some other local investors (not just VC’s) claim that they do.

My answer to the question when I’m asked is: No.  Not even close.  And I hope I will never think I do.

And to those who claim they do: Not true. No way. And even if you think you do, it sounds arrogant.

Does an investor in Twin Cities see more Twin Cities deals than an investor not located here, and vice versa for wherever they are, sure.

But there are over 650,000 people in Minneapolis and St. Paul alone and there is a tremendous amount of startup activity across the region.  I learn about a new Minnesota business venture nearly every day, many of which were doing great things well before I met them.  It is probably the favorite part of my job.

If anyone, including Arthur Ventures, ever claims they see every good local investment opportunity they are doing a disservice to all of the great things going on in our community.

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