Bullish on Madison

I’ve made it no secret to anyone I talk to that I am super bullish on the Madison startup scene.

While I’ve only recently started visiting, I know that it is a special place where I will be spending a lot of time over the coming years.

There is just something about spending a day on the square that I love.  The size of Madison feels just right.  Its large enough to have a great mix of people – entrepreneurs, professionals, law-makers and tons of students – doing interesting things, while at the same time small enough to have it all happening in a super dense environment.   I can have a very productive day in Madison with several meetings without leaving a few block radius.

Every time I’m there I leave thinking about how great of a place it is to build a business.

I’m a big believer in actions over words, so hopefully our recent investments in Drifty and Catalyze.io show that we at Arthur Ventures are, and will continue to be, serious about Madison for years to come.

I share the belief that you don’t need to live somewhere to participate in their community, so I look forward to doing whatever I can to help from Minneapolis to help Madison grow.

Lastly – I’d be remiss without thanking the two biggest Wisconsin advocates I know, Joe Kirgues and Troy Vosseller, for getting us integrated into the scene.  Madison is seriously fortunate to have these two guys around.


  1. Good to see some outside-of-state love for Madison. We’ve got a decent community and the tech sector has some ambitious individuals. Appreciate the sincerity, Patrick. Maybe you see on the square some day. 😉

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