Arthur Ventures’ investment in Nomics

The extreme attention focused on the prices of individual crypto assets themselves has overshadowed deep data gaps that exist for institutional and professional investors in the market.

The talented team at Nomics has developed an API that is well-equipped to keep pace with this growing investor demand for accurate, gapless crypto market data.  Their API product has made a strong impression in the market and with their investment round announced today they are even better positioned to accelerate growth and continue meeting demand.

Arthur Ventures is thrilled to have had the opportunity to lead this investment with significant participation from the largest players in the industry!  Their participation is a testament to the quality of the Nomics team, product, and customer base.

This Nomics investment is extra special to me as it is my first time having the opportunity to back a founder for the second time.

The first investment I ever made for Arthur Ventures was in LeadPages back in 2013.  I distinctly remember meeting Clay Collins for the first time and leaving the meeting thinking ‘if investing  founders like Clay isn’t what venture capital is all about I am going to be absolutely terrible at this job.’

Everything I thought about Clay in that meeting has stayed true since.  He has an ability to think and execute on a higher level than pretty much everyone I’ve ever worked with.

It truly is an honor to get to support Clay and co-founder/CTO Nick Gauthier (who Clay unequivocally says is smarter than he is) on this next growth phase for Nomics!


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